6 Things I Have Learned Since the Release of Start With Amen


1. Obedience brings blessing. I didn’t think I had time to write this book and I was honestly afraid of how people would receive it. It came out more personal than I intended and for about two years I hesitated with sharing the manuscript. In the end, I am glad I obeyed. The conversations I have had with readers already have been a tremendous blessing to me!


2. We want to hear how someone else struggles and prevails. Life is hard and complicated. We don’t always think or do the right thing. However, we regularly put our best foot forward in front of each other, having a pretense that the Christian life is easy and full of rainbows and unicorns. When I wrote what is hard for me, it’s opened up conversations for others to share what is hard for them and how Jesus has met them.


3. We can learn new ways.  I have now been in the room when people have started to pray with amen. I have led small groups in this exercise and it’s not natural, it feels funny at first. But I have testimony upon testimony of how people have practiced it in their journals and whispered ‘amen’ in business meetings and in hospitals. It’s encouraged me to think through what/where/how Jesus do you want to further adjust my thinking?


4. Prayer brings freedom. There is so much I want to hold in my own hands, that I want to control. Prayer forces me to let go, to hand it over. When I pray starting with amen, I am essentially saying ‘I let it go- under your sovereignty’ instead of ‘I want to convince you to change- according to my wishes.’


5. We learn through story. Even though I wrote pages of thoroughly researched biblical content, what I hear most from people are references to the stories. We all love and learn best through stories. So good for me to keep in mind!


6. God’s timing is perfect. The book was originally due the week I underwent major surgery, but I asked for a slight extension. I learned a lot while I was “down” in recovery and some of that insight went into the last version of the manuscript.  I prayed in that season that God would use everything (even pain!) for his glory and my remaking. Grateful God moves in his perfect time.

This is just a sample of what He’s taught me, the list is much longer.  Would love to hear from you anytime how you’ve been growing in your latest season…

Kurtis Kersey