Tales of the Ones Led Out


Tales of the Ones Led OutPriyanka opens her eyes to hope. Adrian stops walking in anger and steps out in faith. Anne- Marie anxiously waits to be heard. Steve runs from his past into a future he couldn’t imagine. Shannen spreads the story of the one who never let go.

Five real-life stories from around the world show what happens when children listen to the Shepherd who calls them by name.

Tales of the Ones Led Out is the third book in the popular Storyweaver series.  Beth Guckenberger, Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries and author of Tales of the Not Forgotten and Tales of the Defended Ones, and now Tales of the Ones Led Out, shares a new collection of unforgettable, real stories in each of these amazing books. These powerful stories of God’s work in the lives of poor and abandoned kids will inspire kids to get involved in missions.  Interactive leader’s guides are also available.

Standard Publishing (2014)